Blog Commenting Tips and Tricks

Blog commenting is one of the ways that helps bloggers bring traffic to their blog. However, for many reasons you may not get the desired result from every single comment.

If you want to generate quality traffic, you need to know how to comment.

The below tips will help you analyze how to get visitors and turn them into permanent readers.

How to get started:

Read the post. Many people just look through the post without realizing what it is really about. Such a way of commenting is a pure waste of time. Authors can easily figure out whether or not you have read the post.

Be unique
. Comments like “nice blog,” “a great post” are far from being attractive, try to write something unique, for instance mention the part of the blog you liked the most and why as well as whether or not you agree with the author on the particular subject. Even if you disagree, it’s natural and normal, the thing is not to be offensive and rude.

Make the look unique
: Besides writing a unique comment, make it look unique as well. Use HTML formatting, i.e. make the text bold, italic and you can also use numbering for making the list of points. Formatting will help your comment look different and stand out among others. The likelihood that it will be read more than other comments is high.

Get personal. It’s always more polite to add a name, like it’d be much better if you write “Thank you, Victoria” rather than “thanks.” It would be great if you also leave a regard, i.e. “best,” “sincerely” etc.

Leave your name: Leave your name and surname, so that people who’re interested in you can search for you on the Internet and get connected.

Leave post URL. Leave your post URL, instead of your homepage one. It’s less likely that the reader would search for the particular post on your homepage. Leave a catchy comment with your URL, as it will push readers click it. For instance, “I have a similar post on this subject and after a deep research, I managed to discover some quite interesting facts…”

No hyperlinks: Don’t hyperlink your text, leaving a post URL is quite enough. Most of the authors react negatively if they see a pure advertising in their post-related comments.

Be natural:  Finally, there’s no need to write, long and unnatural comments. None really enjoys reading dull phrases that don’t make a sense. Keep it simple and reasonable.

These are some valuable tricks and tips for blog commenting. If you manage to follow them, your blog won’t be left unnoticed.



  1. Helen Ross November 30, 2011 at 4:28 pm - Reply

    Great post! I think these tips will help traffic.

  2. stratshaw December 1, 2011 at 11:55 pm - Reply

    It's good to finally see someone sharing something about how to do proper comment posting. I've seen many a professional seo company and blogger leave such spammy looking comments. It doesn't take much to read the article and post a thoughtful comment. And you might even learn a few things from the blogs you read!

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