Choosing Seo-Friendly Domains

Many of you know that website domain name should be relevant to web content and serve its purpose. Meantime, few are aware of SEO-factors when choosing it. There are some major SEO tips that should be taken into account.
  • Age of domain. While many of you may wonder what the age has to do with domain, in fact it really matters. Search engines give more priority to old domains as they are considered more trustworthy. Consequently, the older the domain is, the more important it is considered and the likelihood that it will be ranked higher by search engines is high.
  • History of domain. History is another important and prioritized factor. Search engines always check the history of domain, if say the domain was penalized or it contained any illegal content, it will be ranked less. Thus, keep in mind that before deciding on a domain name, you need to study its history first. It is important not to hurry as you can always buy the appropriate SEO-friendly domain on the web.
  • Google Page Rank. It’s highly recommended to buy a relevant high-ranked domain as your website will get a lot of traffic and it will be easier to attract more visitors. So find out its Google page rank. If it is zero or low-ranked, keep in mind that it will take a lot of time until changes show up considering that  Google updates website once in 4-6 months depending on an algorithm change.
  • Indexing.  Make sure that the domain is indexed by Google, Yahoo and other big search engines, otherwise you won’t get visitors from them. Search engines generally easily index website domains and if they don’t catch, that means something is not quite right about your website, i.e. spam and other content issues maybe the reasons for that.
  • DMOZ and Yahoo Directory Listings. Check out if the domain is listed in Yahoo and DMOZ directories as this will save your time. However, if it meets all the above-mentioned criteria, you can submit it to these two directories manually. It won’t take much time but you will have to wait a bit until it is submitted. Normally directories do not reject the submitted domains if the website has not any serious issues or bugs.
  • Backlinks. Research the domain and see how many backlinks it has as backlinks improve visibility of the website. The more backlinks it has, the better it is, however it’s not that simple. Backlinks matter, they need to be relevant and quality, i.e. from high-ranked websites. If a domain has a number of worthy backlinks, you will save your time and efforts.
To get maximum return from your website, you need to carefully choose a domain. Thus, consider these tips before you decide on one. Keep in mind that the quality of a domain is important to search engines. Your website traffic, page rank and visibility crucially depend on it.

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    Thanks for all the pips shared..Most of us were not aware of this..Got to know lot many things..

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