Competitor Analysis: Build Your E-marketing Strategy

Why knowing your competitors is crucially important? Competitor analysis is one of the most important parts of SEO campaign that helps you stand out in the e-market.

The first thing you should do in competitor research is to check out top ten competitors for the keywords that describe your business the best. Type the desired keyword and you will get SEPR (search engine page results.) Look through top ten competitor websites on the page.
Once you identify your competitors for particular keywords, start researching their websites as much as possible. There are a lot of free SEO tools that can help you reveal competitor keywords, traffic, backlinls and not only.
Get as much information as possible about their websites as this will help you in promoting yours. When visiting competitor websites, pay attention to every detail such as design, news page, link page, blogs, etc.
Do your competitors maintain social networking and bookmarking accounts? Are they popular on the Internet? Make sure you have researched at least ten competitor websites in-depth as once you know your competitor e-marketing strategies, you’ll have a better idea of developing yours.
So the things you should do:
  • Identify your competitors
  • Reveal the keywords they’re using
  • Identify competitor backlinks and PR
  • Get competitor traffic analysis
  • Check out their popularity on the Internet
The above-mentioned tips will help you in revealing your competitors’ secrets of success and building your own e-marketing strategy. Follow their example, yet make sure your strategy is unique!

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