Conducting SEO Competitive Analysis: Part 1

Investigating your competitor websites means improving yours; however it should not look like copy /paste. 
For conducting the effective competitor analysis, you should go deep into web analytics. The essential part is to know where to start from.
What to look at when visiting your competitor’s website?
  • Home Page. Start with home page analysis. Is it informative and user-friendly?
  • Meta tags. Do the website pages have titles, keywords and description tags? Are they keyword-dense and  describe the company business well?
  • Navigation. Pay attention if the navigation of the website is consistent.
  • Site structure. Site structure should be clear and user-friendly so the users can operate easily on your website.
  • Search engines. Check out the performance of your competitor keywords in search results and compare their ranking with yours.
  • Content. Is the content original, quality and keyword-dense?
  • Page loading. Many visitors do not wait until the page loads if it takes a lot of time.  So the loading time should be decreased to minimum.  For that reason try to use less Flash applications and Java Scripts on your website.
  • News/Blog page. Check out if your competitor website has news or blog page and the period within the pages are updated.
  • Alexa rank. Alexa rank is based on traffic and popularity of the website. By checking Alexa rank of your competitor you will learn if your competitor website is successful.

Competitor analysis is a powerful SEO tool that will help you stand out in today’s large e-market. The above-mentioned SEO tips will help you gather the required data on your competitors. In my next post we’ll proceed deeper into competitor research.


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