Content Optimization Tips: Make Your Content SEO-friendly

How to optimize the content of the website and why it is extremely important.

Quality and unique content is a keystone of a successful website. If the content is unique, relevant and well-written, the web site will get not only high page ranking but attract a huge number of visitors. How to get started?

  • Know which keywords to use. If your web site is new and has zero PR, using high-competitive keywords is not recommended.  Properly chosen low-competitive keywords will help you better in the beginning of your SEO campaign.  For instance, say you have a jeans shop in Romania, your website will not appear in Google first pages with keyword search “jeans shop”, while it can definitely stand out with the keyword “jeans shop in Romania” or “Romania jeans shop.” 

  • Use keywords in the content. Do not include any keyword in HTML Meta ‘Keywords’ tag if it is not used in the text. Keep to proper keyword density, do not stuff your text with too many keywords.
  • Add keywords to H1, paragraph, etc. Besides using the keywords in the texts, add them in the headings (H1), in the first paragraphs of the texts and in the description part of the web site.
  • Write blogs/articles. Another important thing is writing blogs (news, articles), as updating the website on a regular basis helps traffic increase. When writing blogs for your website, you can use more and more keywords, gradually coming to the use of high-competitive ones and increasing the number of visitors. Note that the content should be easy-to-read, meaningful and relevant.
  • Name the images. If you upload the images with the blogs, then change the name of the JPEG into your blog title. Google bot can’t read the text on the images, it catches the ‘ALT’ in the source code. 
  • Show people why choose you. If you owe a business website that aims turning your visitors into potential clients, you need to write about the advantages of your business, the way you work and why should people choose you. Do it carefully, it should not look like pure advertising.

So write quality and unique content, do proper keyword research, update your website regularly and you’ll see the amazing results of content optimization.


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