Email Marketing Tips: Part 1

Email marketing is one of the most essential SEO tips that requires a specific approach. If your email marketing campaign is successful you will get a huge traffic on board. How to lead a successful e-marketing campaign?

Avoid Spam. The most essential emarketing strategy is to avoid the spam filters. Many of ISP (Internet Service Providers) use spam filtering options to avoid spam emails in their inboxes. Each email service has its criteria for ranking email as a spam. For this reason do not use the words ‘free’, ‘discount’, ‘save’ and some specific symbols like £ both in the email content and subject line.

Personalize your email. Don’t be too official; personalize your email, like saying ‘Hi Mike’. Addressing your subscribers with name, means you already set up a warm relationship which increases the likelihood of their click.

Keep it short and clear
. Sometimes writing a lot means losing potential click-throughs. Make your text clear and short. Avoid using videos and images in the email, you better leave a website URL so the visitors will check it out themselves. Make the URL plain bold blue text link, ensuring your URL won’t be left unnoticed. According to research readers better respond to such kinds of mail.

Make the text attractive. Make the text attractive so the reader would really want to check your website and avoid giving tasks in your email; for instance, please click this and then this and you will discover our special order.

Tuesday/Wednesday Mail-out. Studies of web analysts and market researchers show that people usually show activity on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, after a tiresome Monday day. If you practice email marketing on these days, you will get a better result. Do not consider mailing out on Mondays as it’s the busiest day of the week and your subscribers may forget reading your mail on Tuesday.

Sign-up confirmation. Make sure you send sign-up confirmation link in your email to ensure that you avoid spamming and it’s really the visitor who subscribed for your blog/website. Indeed it’s a great option.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe. To show that you’re a trustworthy website, you need to provide both subscribe and unsubscribe buttons. If your website visitor changes his mind, he should have the option of unsubscribe which should be also mentioned in the email.

This is just the beginning of the beginning; my next post will discuss more tips for email marketing success.


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