Email Marketing Tips: Part 2

We have already discussed many of SEO tips. This post will be devoted to emarketing tips and strategies, some of which were mentioned in the previous one.

Email content. Nothing will work out if you just can’t make the content attractive. Make sure you send valuable information that will definitely interest your users. Make your email subject interesting and if it is such a one, the likelihood that the subscriber will open the email is high. Besides, you can also set-up email –based learning courses which will help you get more subscribers on board.

Email preview. If you’re not sure whether your email really looks attractive, use preview pane before you send. Many email clients such as MS Outlook provide users with the preview option.

Email signature. If you do not provide any information about you, your company would hardly be considered a trustworthy one. For this reason include a professional signature in the bottom of the emails you send. This will help build trust in relationships with your clients. The signature must contain the company name, your position in the company and personal details such as phone and email.

SEO blog. Say your company provides SEO services, it would be great if you send the latest SEO news, i.e. search engine newsletters to your subscribers. If you have SEO blog (which is a highly-recommended SEO tip for SEO service providers) on your company website, you better send your SEO blog posts in your email. Another option is to notify them by email that you have updated your blog, so they will follow the link.

Autoresponder. Once you get a new subscriber on board, schedule autoresponder with a “thank you” message. This is another factor that helps you build trust.

Always on time. Say you always mail out on Tuesday, your subscribers will expect to get your email on Tuesday. So be consistent; make sure you’re on time every time. Additionally, keep to a consistent template; it will help you strengthen your company brand and features.

Feel free to contact me for questions or suggestions which topic on SEO you would want to be discussed in the next post.

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