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Fresh Content: Make It Shareable and Linkable

content-sharable-linkableThings on the Internet change fast, obviously no matter how quality your website is, it can always be improved.

In the  world of SEO, things change even faster, so if you want to keep your website search engine friendly, you should always work on it.

For instance, a few years ago a keyword tag was one of the most important factors for web ranking, however from 2009 it has no power at all. It’s important to keep track of search engine news to meet the latest SEO standards.

Today, one of the most important aspects for website’s ranking is fresh content. Many of us understand the importance of quality content, however few really realize the crucial role of quality fresh content. So why fresh content? For one simple reason – it generates links which are the golden rule of SEO. Let us speak about fresh content and how to develop it.

The more content you write- the more often search engine spiders will come back to check out your website. Also they will shorten the time for the next crawl. Besides, you can always add some information on your website and keep your fans engaged.

The main goal is to write a linkable and shareable content.

Shareable content: Today SEO and social are coming together as never before. Make sure you keep your fans engaged, and they spread your website on giant social networks. If people talk about it and leave positive reviews, if your website has a good reputation, you’re on the right track. If your content is outdated, why would people want to talk about it?

Linkable content: Content that generates links from high-ranked relevant sources is a successful content. The more quality websites link to you, the better it is as your website will increase the PageRank, the number of visitors and build the strong authority.

Keep your website’s content fresh by writing  linkable and shareable content!

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  1. Joe Hart January 22, 2013 at 6:55 am - Reply

    As you mentioned creating content which is shareable and linkable is very important..However investing more time on quality content should be the main priority…Even content which is not shared well can pull in loads of organic traffic if it is optimised well..

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