Google Doesn’t Use the Keywords Meta Tag in Web Ranking

If you’re working hard on improving your keyword Meta tag, it’s time to concentrate on more essential factors that affect website rankings. Google algorithm change reveals more, less and non-important tips for search engine optimization.

Many times keyword tag was stuffed with irrelevant keywords, here’s one of the examples. Say your company name is AndrewCo and your competitors AnnaCo and you’re both involved in producing leather shoes.

AndrewCo puts leather shoes, shoes, best shoes in his keyword tag, while AnnaCo does the same and also includes AndrewCo to appear for her competitor search results.  None of the parties should be concerned as starting from September 2009, Google ignores keyword Meta tag. However, AnnaCo is an example of keyword tag abuse.

I would recommend webmasters mainly focus on important factors and write relevant page titles and description tags, so skipping keyword tag is quite reasonable.  Google does not pay any attention to keyword tag for web search rankings. 

Description and page title Meta tags still matter for Google. While page title has a crucial importance, Meta description tag is important to a minor extent.

Page title should clearly describe what the page is about. Copy/pasting titles from similar pages is an irrelevant approach. Again, say we both produce leather shoes, and my page title is Shoes | Quality Leather Shoes, you can write Leather Shoes| Your Company Name. That would be a great way to promote your brand and keep to relevancy and unique style. Do not write neither too long, nor too short page titles; 50-70 character page titles are recommended.

Description tag should precisely describe your web page. It’s is recommended to keep from 170 to 250 character description. Write Meta description tags for important web pages. You can skip writing descriptions for terms of use, privacy policy and similar pages.

Make sure your website is SEO-friendly and you focus on the most significant SEO factors.


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