Google Panda 3.9.1 Update: Minor Data Refresh

Google Panda Update 3.9.1Every time the webmasters notice a drop in rankings, they panic. One thing should be clearly realized that with a growing number of the websites on the Internet, the competition grows as well. This fact makes search engine optimization more important in today’s emarket.

SEO will help you imply the latest SEO tips and tricks and strategies to beat your competitors. However, besides the competition, a drop in rankings may happen due to search engine algorithm updates which usually take place once in a month.

Google has pushed out a Panda refresh on August 20th. This refresh is considered a “minor” one as it noticeably affected only 1% of search queries. According to Google, Panda algorithm is going to be smoother and consistent while the Google Penguin is going to be more jolting. The previous Panda version – Google Panda 3.9 – was rolled out on July 24th.

Obviously, the search engine algorithm updates take place on a regular basis, although this is something we should not be afraid of if we follow the tips below:

Be aware of the updates. SEO is a dynamic sphere with regular search algorithm updates and constant changes in ranking criteria. Keep track of the latest search engine news to stay updated.

Perform Link Building. Link building is still the golden rule of SEO. The sites that link to you have a great influence on your rankings. In addition, make sure you link to good quality websites as well. Build trust and good reputation, by offering quality services, interacting with users and abiding by search engine guidelines.

• Perform Link Audit. Ensure you run a monthly report that shows the list of the websites that link to you. Sort them out by quality and if you notice that some of them are of low-quality, politely ask them to unlink.

• SEO tips and tricks. Ensure you know all the important SEO tips and tricks. Here are two of the sources – Top SEO Tips for 2012 and Top SEO Tips for 2012– that will help you stand out from the competition. You will also notice improvements in ranking after search engine algorithm updates, if you diligently take the advice given here and in the links above.

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  1. Leo September 3, 2012 at 1:12 am - Reply

    Interesting tips, Diana, thanks for sharing!

    Google has already made in total 27 algorithm changes this year..

    BTW, the photo is awesome :]

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