Going Beyond Google Plus: Search Plus Your World

Google Plus Search

Google plus or G+ has received a lot of attention since it has been officially launched in June 28, 2011 by Google Inc. The social network particularly attracted the attention of online marketers and businessmen, having achieved 100 million users across the Web.

Feedbacks from Facebook and Twitter users who explored the features of G+ and Search Plus Your World vary a lot. However it’s obvious that Google plus is a strong tool for SEO.

Related people/pages searches. Even if you have a small audience in Google plus it’s recommended to have a profile/business page and update the page content on a regular basis. Google uses the information you share in related people/pages searches.

Fresh content. Maintain a fresh content. If you have not updated your G+ profile within 72 hours, you simply won’t show up in the “Related People/Pages” section of Google’s search results

Business pages. Business pages matter more than individual pages. Business pages with thousands of followers/ circles show up more in search results than individual pages with millions of followers

+1 has its say. The more +1 you get for your posts, the more frequently you’ll appear in searches

Comments and reshares. Comments and reshares have no influence on search visibility

Definitely Google plus is an effective way to improve your visibility on the Internet. Say you have a mortgage company and share its link on your Google plus profile. Anyone from your circles searching for the same information will come across your page. This makes adding more and more people into your circles reasonable.

Make sure you have well-organized your Google plus page!


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  1. Zara March 27, 2012 at 6:02 pm - Reply

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Comments and reshares. Comments and reshares have no influence on search visibility

    It's a pity that reshares don't enhance visibility 🙂

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