Google Search Highlights Latest Posts from Google+ Pages & Profiles

Did you know about Google’s latest search highlights? Google is showing a new “Latest Posts” section for some Google+ pages and profiles with its regular results, occupying the part of page where the Ads are shown.

This is a great way for any website to improve visibility and get more traffic. It takes almost the whole top-half of the SEPR page. People would definitely scroll down not only the page but the latest posts to learn more about your website, and possibly Plus 1 the posts. However, these results are shown for some pages and Google continues the update.

Let’s look at the picture below. This is how the results appear.

Latest Posts from Google+ Pages


This biggest search engine has applied changes in personal profile search results as well. In January, Google started to show the G+ personal profiles when searching for somebody already registered on this social network, also showing the profile in suggestions box.

Let’s have a look at the image below. I typed my name in the search engine box and got the relevant suggestions. Also pay attention to the right-side of the results, where the profile information and the latest posts are shown. Amazing!

Diana Davoyan, Google Plus Profile, Google Personal Profile Search
So if you have not registered in Google Plus yet, remember it’s time to get there. Besides, if you have a company/brand it’s crucially important to open a business page.

Business pages matter more than individual pages. Business pages with thousands of followers/ circles show up more in search results than individual pages with millions of followers as I have mentioned in my previous post: Going Beyond Google Plus: Search Plus Your World


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