Google’s Cutts: We Don’t Ban Sites Critical Of Google, But Here Is Why We Do Penalize Sites…

Google’s Cutts We Don’t Ban Sites Critical Of Google, But Here Is Why We Do Penalize Sites…“We Don’t Ban Sites Critical of Google, But Here Is Why We Do Penalize Sites,” said Matt Cutts of Google.

Matt Cutts has recently addressed the standards for manually removing spam from the Google index. During the recently released video he has repeated several times, that the webspam team doesn’t penalize or ban a website that is critical to Google.

Just because the website is critical to Google, it will be marked as spam manually and manually removed from the Google index.

The first thing that comes to my mind is can I trust someone who marks a website as spam? Is he aware of Google webmaster guidelines.

Matt mentioned that he and his team are consistent as possible when they make an action.

  • A website is marked as spam when the website is critical to Google webmaster guidelines
  • Google has training sessions and all the new members in the company are aware of the guidlines
  • The penalties set by new Googlers are always reviewed by the old ones
  • Googlers do random spot checks for quality throughout the database
  • Certain philosophical questions in the spam gray zone require teamwork
  • Google is not bound by a narrow view, they look at the whole holistic picture, i.e. they’re looking at repeat spammers, malware cases, etc.

So all you have to do is to make sure that you’re familiar with Google webmaster guidelines and your website contains nothing like spam.

P.S. I know the image with Cutts pointing out to article “72 days later Kardashian wants divorce” has nothing to do with my post.
I just can’t stand it! 😀

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