Google’s Working On An “Over-Optimization” Penalty For Too Much SEO

Google's Matt Cutts Google is currently working on search engine ranking penalty for the websites that are over-optimized. So if you consider too much SEO as a way to get better rankings, you’re on the wrong track.

Google’s Matt Cutts announced that in the upcoming months or next few weeks search engine ranking penalty will be introduced. The reason why Google does it is to “level the playing field,” Cutts said.

SEO is an art and it should be done in a natural way. User-friendly websites and a quality content is what search engine needs.

Make a great website and a great content to get the right traffic on board and the relevant backlinks. If you have an outstanding website, people would like it and leave reviews, and they would come to check it out again. This is the natural way to promote a website.

However, the above does not mean that you don’t need to put efforts in SEO. You both need to ask for quality backlinks and post on networking and bookmarking websites, taking into an account that nothing should be done for quantity. Ten quality backlinks are better than 100 irrelevant. Think what you do and do what you think.

Also be aware that Google’s “Page Layout” algorithm penalizes pages with too many Ads. Don’t make your website a purely commercial one. Know the Ads you put there and keep to a proper limit. Remember, reputation and quality in everything you do should be your first priority.

So if you’re doing too much SEO, you better stop. Google’s already working on an “Over-Optimization” penalty for that.



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