How do I know My Website is Good Enough

criteria to evaluate a websiteToday, with thousands of websites on the Internet, it’s really hard to stand out from the competition. One would hardly spend hours on a website that does not provide valuable information to a reader.

Before you create a website or a blog, make sure you’re familiar with some website evaluation criteria. If you know how to evaluate a website, you’re ready to create a successful one.

Use Internet resources reasonably: One of the great things you can do is to use Internet resources reasonably; write ideas worth spreading on the web. Some folks create blogs/websites and forget about them. Before you create a website or a blog, make sure you’ve clearly determined the audience you target. Ask yourself a question: “Do you do it for yourself or for a particular audience?” If  you blog about yourself and your main target is not focusing on providing sharable/linkable content, at least make sure your content is readable. For the websites that offer some services and solutions, it’s extremely important to have their content shared on social media networks.

Your homepage says who you are and what you do. If you scroll down the homepage and don’t get the idea what the website is about, you would hardly want to check out “about us, “projects” or “events” unless you really have enough time for that. In today’s large Internet base, with tons of information and lots of websites, none would spend time on a website which is not user friendly. Make sure your homepage gives a reader the idea about what you do.

Try the “ask” rule. While some websites lack content, the others provide too much information. Make sure your website does not lack content, meantime is not stuffed with it. And what is more important – is to provide well-written and clear content. If you’re not sure if your content/website are good enough, ask your friends and preferably someone who’s not a technology-oriented person. If he gets an idea of what it is about, you’ve done everything properly. So the “ask” rule works fine and whenever you feel you need to use it, go ahead.

The content is easy to find. The reader should be able to find the information he’s looking for in maximum two clicks. This way you’ll attract more visitors to your site and keep them longer, decreasing the bounce rate ratio.

Embrace your inner troublemaker. So if you have created a website with SEO in mind, it’s fine  but it does not mean you’re done with it. So don’t be lazy, embrace your inner troublemaker, update your website on a regular basis to reach and engage the audience you target.

Track your e-marketing campaign. If you have lots of visitors but they do not spend much time on your website, it means you still have a lot of work to do. Something attracts them to your website, meantime, there’s something they don’t find quite interesting to stay long. By tracking your e marketing campaign, you’ll discover its weak and strong sides.

Now that you know the main tips for website evaluation, type a keyword into a search box, open the 1st website on SERP and ask yourself if you get the idea what this website is about, if you found the information you were looking for and if it was easy to find the particular information. If you did, it’s fine. Your readers should feel the same when visiting your website. If the answers were negative, now you know how the non-quality website looks like.


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  1. Zara May 15, 2013 at 11:46 am - Reply

    Site evaluation is a crucial point in successful web-siting. Thank you for writing and sharing such a helpful post, Diana.

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