How Pinterest Can Help Your Business Grow

Pinterest is a relatively new social network everyone is talking about. A well-developed profile on Pinterest could be a very strong addition to your online marketing strategy.

Social networking is one of the best and most popular ways to keep the current customers engaged and get the new ones on board. Obviously, Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social networking websites so why do we need Pinterest?

Pinterest is a completely unique social network that drives a strong engagement among customers. The website attracts more and more visitors with each passing day.

  • Dramatic increase in user growth. According to comScore, Pinterest had approximately 19 million users in March 2012, which makes it one of the fastest growing standalone websites.
  • High usage. According to the same source, Pinterest users spend about 89 minutes on the website in average, further more than LinkedIn and Twitter users and only one second more than the Facebook ones.
  • Interests. Pinterest users are creative with strong determined interests.
  • Pinterest demographics. 65% of Pinterest users are women and the average Pinterest user is 32 years old. The majority of Pinterest users are either married or in a relationship.

How to build a strong profile on Pinterest?

  • Keyword-targeted content. Write the  descriptive keyword-targeted content in about section and add your business area.
  • URL’s. Add your website URL to your profile and link your account with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Pinterest button. Add Pinterest button to your website, this will help users easily pin whatever they like on your site.
  • Creativity is what you need. Make creative boards to promote your content and target the right audience.
  • Remain active. Comment, pin, re-pin to engage the Pinterest community.

Integrating activities into larger social media plan assumes driving traffic to your website, engaging existing and potential customers as well as improving your website’s visibility! Stay tuned!


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