How Social Marketing Works

Social media is a very powerful tool for improving brand’s visibility and increasing lift in purchase. For the brand it’s very important literally to be noticed on social networks.

Obviously, advertising on social networks is an effective method to let people know who you are and what you do. Once they know, you’ll get potential customers on board.

Let’s consider a brand like Skittles. According to comScore, it attracted 23 000 unique visitors in March 2012, while their Brand page on Facebook reached 320,000 – 14 times as many as

This fact once again outlines the power of social media and the importance of advertising on giant social networks. However before advertising, every marketer should be aware that social media cannot serve as primarily channel for advertising unless your services are good.  Brands like Starbucks and BestBuy are well-known for their quality and no doubt their pages get a lot of hits.

Once you clearly determine the idea what you want to offer people and do some research, get involved in social media campaign. Your brand page is your owned media, your ad is your paid media, and your visitor is your earned media and you need all of them for effective marketing on social networks. Additionally, there are three main basics you need to be aware of as well: fan reach, engagement and amplification.

Let’s talk about these and take as an example Facebook.

Fan reach: Brand messages on Facebook reach fans in news feed and this exposure is known as fan reach. Regular social campaign is the right way to reach fans and keep them engaged.

Engagement: Fans talk about news feed content; like, share, in other words start interacting with brand page marketing content – the thing engagement primarily assumes.

Amplification: This is one of the most important elements  of reaching broader audience. If you reach friends of fans, they can also serve as a way for brand exposure as the average Facebook fan has 100 friends in his network.

The goal of social marketing is to increase ROI (return on investment) by keeping the fans engaged and reaching friends of fans. While the fans visit the Brand page, the number of brand exposures occurring via the news feed is many multiples higher as users spend the most of their time on news feed.

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