How to Choose SEO-friendly Domain Names: Part 2

In my previous post we were talking about SEO factors that should be taken into account when choosing a domain name.

This time we are going to discuss further tips for choosing both SEO and user-friendly domains.

Undoubtedly, when choosing a domain name it’s crucially important to think as a user. The below tips will help you pick up the right domain for your website.

  • Brainstorm top five keywords. Say your website is about cars. Brainstorm top five keywords related to your business and choose the best one. Make sure you choose the one which describes your business the best and gets a lot of searches.

  • Keep the domain name short. Keep the domain name short. Say your domain name is How many people do you think will remember it? Instead of choosing this one, you should make your clothes for kids popular among people. Example:

  • Choose an easy to type domain name. Make sure your domain is easy both to remember and type. Do not use plurals and hyphens in your domain name.

  • Choose a meaningful domain name. Your domain name should describe your content. Example: However, it’s hard to imagine what some websites  are about unless you check them out. For instance: So make sure users will get the information about your website from your domain.

  • Choose a unique domain name. If there are any other domains that sound very similar to yours, you better change it. For many years and were two different websites. Flickr was probably loosing traffic because of that. They recognized the problem and bought, so now is redirected to

  • Avoid domain name infringement. This happens infrequently but it’s still better to check the domain name to make sure you won’t run into a domain infringement problem. Check the domain at the US Patent and Trademark website to make sure the domain isn’t used by anyone.

Remember that search engines pay a lot of attention to domain names. So choose the right domain name to increase your PR, SERP and traffic. Hope the above-mentioned tips will help you pick up the proper one.


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