Pros And Cons of Alexa Ranking

We’re all pretty familiar with Google page ranking system but few of us really know about Alexa rank.

Alexa rank is one of the most specific ranking tools on the Internet. Alexa data is usually taken into consideration by advertising companies and search engines to evaluate the popularity of the website which according to Alexa mainly depends on the traffic that comes through Alexa toolbar.

It’s no secret that Alexa rank along with numerous advantages has lots of disadvantages as well.  Let’s learn about them.

Basics & Advantages:
  • Alexa is a powerful tool for measuring a website popularity on the Internet.
  • Alexa rank depends on the quantity of the visitors that come to visit the website through Alexa toolbar.
  • The lower is the rank of the website, the better it ranks in Alexa, while in Google the higher is the PR, the popular a website is considered.
  • Alexa rank checker toolbar is the right metrics for webmaster and advertisers to find out the marketing potential of websites. In other words, the better your site ranks in Alexa, the chances that you get more clients willing to buy an advertising space on your website is higher. 
  • From SEO point of view Alexa provides with pretty good data that has a great  influence on advertising. So if you’re looking for an effective advertising campaign, take advantages of Alexa.
  • Alexa ranks blogs and personal pages the same way as websites, moreover, some of them are even ranked higher.

Now let’s turn our attention to disadvantages.


  • Alexa audience is too small. Some people have even never heard about Alexa. Accordingly, they have no Alexa toolbar installed on their browser so even the best websites with huge traffic will not be ranked by Alexa or at least not ranked as high as in Google.
  • Due to the above-mentioned tip, Alexa data may be inaccurate.
  • Alexa calculates data for the top-level domain only, the subpages and subdomains are note ranked separately.
  • When ranking a website, Alexa does not consider SEO factors such as tags and backlinks  and is mainly based on visitor traffic.

Despite all, Alexa ranking is still the right solution for managing a quality marketing campaign.

Now that you’ve got through the basics of Alexa, you can learn some ways on how to boost Alexa ranking of your website in my next post.


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