SEO: Prevent Web Indexing Issues

SEO stands for search engine optimization and involves technical and others spheres of knowledge. Knowledge of HTML in SEO is very important. If you don’t possess minimum knowledge in HTML, you won’t be able to manage quality SEO campaign.

How to get started?

Preventing web indexing problems is one of the most essential parts of search engine optimization.

Errors in HTML. When working on a website, make sure you have no HTML errors as some cause web indexing issues. Use HTML validators to check the code. One of the most popular validators on the Internet is You can stick to this one.

Broken links. If you have broken links on your website, remove them. You need to make sure that all links on your website are active, otherwise your website will be low-ranked by search engines.

XML sitemap. Possessing some skills in XML is important as well. Submit XML sitemap as Google bot indexes it faster and considers SEO-friendly. If you have no sitemap, Google spider won’t be able to crawl your website. You can check if Google spider can crawl all pages of your website in the following way. Type site: in Google search bar, press enter and you’ll find out all the pages it can access.

Robots.txt file. Does your website have a robots.txt file? If you want spider to index everything on your website, you don’t need robots.txt file at all. Yet many website owners use robots.txt to make sure the file has the option “allow” in the script and all the pages are indexed. In case you want spider to prevent from indexing some pages, you need to indicate these pages in robots.txt and write “disallow”. For instance you can disallow terms and conditions, or privacy policy. These pages do not need organic traffic.

Therefore, follow the below-mentioned SEO tips:

•    Get rid of broken links
•    Get rid of HTML errors
•    Submit XML sitemap
•    Know how to use robots.txt file
•    Submit your website to search engines (bing, ask, aol, etc)

The  last one will significantly improve the visibility of your website and contribute to traffic increase. In my next post I’m going to talk about how web crawlers work, particularly about crawling, processing and indexing.


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