SEO Tips for Anchor Text Optimization

SEO Tips for Anchor Text OptimizationAnchor text is a hyperlinked word and one the best SEO practices for the page to rank well in search results.

Many of us would use anchor texts when linking from Page A to Page B, however few are aware of anchor text effects on search.

The below are some key points for anchor text optimization:

  • Your anchor text should be a keyword you want to optimize. Make sure your anchor text is a keyword you want to optimize. Say your text is about green tea and you want to optimize the keyword ‘jasmine green tea.’ Would you write for instance ‘learn about the health effects of jasmine green tea here’ and make the word ‘here’ a hyperlink or would you make the ‘jasmine green tea’ a hyperlink? If you choose the first one, you’re won’t succeed in ranking for your desired keyword, however if you make the ‘jasmine green tea’ a hyperlink, you’re taking the first steps.
  • Your anchor text should link to appropriate page. Make sure your anchor text links to the right page. Sometimes you can simply put the incorrect link and forget about it. Be ready to check the URLs.
  • Importance of the first anchor text: If two links are targeting the same URL, Google counts only anchor text used in the first link.
  • Quantity matters. If many links point to one page, with the right keywords  that page has a very good chance of ranking well.  Say pages A, B and C link to the page D with the keyword ‘jasmine green tea.’ The likelihood that Page D will stand out for the keyword ‘j’asmine green tea’ is high. However, remember to keep to reasonable limits, over-optimization in SEO is evil.
  • Anchor text as SEO tip for 2013. Anchor text is one of the top SEO tips for 2013. Learn more about anchor texts and SEO tips for 2013.

Hope the above-mentioned SEO tips were helpful. If you have any questions, or simply want to share your opinion  feel free to leave your feedbacks.


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