SEO Tips to Increase Website Traffic

If you’re running a website, you should always have SEO plan how to drive more traffic to your website. You may get confused, saying that there a lot of websites on the Internet and you can’t stand out the competition. No worries. There are a lot of essential ways to bring more traffic, increase your website visibility and page rank. Besides, many webmasters are unaware of basic SEO techniques.
Pinging services. Start with pinging services. What does it mean? Every time you update a website a ping will send a reminder to your readers that you updated a website so they will check it out once they get a notification. Ping service is included by Yahoo search engine, weblogs, Google blog search and Zingfast.
Technorati. Next step is getting to Technorati. Technorati is a popular website and a unique way of website branding. By signing up your blog/website on Technorati, you will avoid scammers that may use your property under their names and drive more traffic to your website due to a huge number of Technorati users.
Feedburner. Many of you have probably heard about Feedburner. Feedburner is an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) service. Feedburner is the service that enables people subscribe to your website and get the latest news via email or RSS reader. That’s a great option as many of the users which have already come across your website and liked it, would want to check it out again.
Social bookmarking. Delicious, Digg and Stumbleupon are the largest bookmarking websites on the Internet. Millions of users visit these websites on a daily basis to share their news and stories and read the others’. Social bookmarking is an effective way of getting more traffic on board and gaining popularity, however you should keep to the main rule – get connected to the websites you want to get traffic from and not just Digg or stumble stories.
Post commenting. Post commenting is one of the essential SEO tips for traffic increase. Which posts to comment? There are three questions you should ask yourself before commenting a post:
• Do I need the traffic from this website?
• Is this post relevant to my website/blog topic?
• Do I have a similar story to share and get traffic?
If you don’t need traffic from the particular website, don’t waste your time by commenting and getting non-quality visitors.
Link building. Link building is one of the essential and crucially important SEO tips. Ask relevant websites with high PR and low Alexa rank for link exchange. This will improve not only your traffic but contribute to PR increase as well. Just make sure that this is the right website you want to exchange your link with.
Keyword research. Whenever you write a post, don’t forget using the right keywords in it. When choosing keywords, make sure that they are relevant and you definitely want to rank high for these keywords in SERP.
Follow the above-mentioned SEO tactics and you will undoubtedly get the right audience on board as well as increase website traffic. I will be back with interesting posts soon!

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