The Art of SEO

SEO is an art. It’s about what you do on your website and how you do it.

In today’s large search market, it’s difficult to stand out, either your product should be unique or your SEO campaign crucially effective. SEO targets improving website’s visibility.

According to a number of statistics reports (mentioned in “the Art of SEO” by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer) the majority of people look at the top SERP (search engine results pages) . The same is for the Ad’s. Ad’s that are shown on the top of SERP page are noticed and clicked more.

People pay a lot of attention to images, text on the images and videos on the SERP.  Only if they did not find the thing they’re looking for they continue the search after the third page. However, spiders are smart and always put the information most relevant to query on the top.

The above says that’s it’s crucially important to improve website’s visibility and push the keywords to the top pages. People use Google’s PPC campaign to make sure they will get the desired traffic, however this is not the same as developing an SEO-friendly website.

Today, backlinks and unique content matter the most. If two years ago people would abuse the keyword tag by stealing keywords from each other, today it wouldn’t work. However, page title and description Meta tags have an influence on SERP and rankings. Page titles and descriptions should be unique and clearly describe what the page is about.

Write the content that would describe what you offer people and why they should choose you. Also make sure, the websites that link to you are relevant and quality. If you offer something unique, a lot of websites would definitely link to you. Just make sure your content and Meta tags are unique, also the backlinks you get are from high-ranked and reputable websites.


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  1. Zara April 12, 2012 at 1:19 pm - Reply

    As usual you highlighted the most important areas of SEOing:-)

    Thanks much!

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