Tips to Improve Alexa Ranking

One of my previous posts spoke about Alexa advantages and disadvantages. In this post we’re going to discuss some effective tips on how to boost Alexa ranking. 
Alexa is not as popular as Google, however it’s an effective marketing tool and is widely used in advertising.

Before purchasing an advertising space on a website, many advertisers check out Alexa data to define the effectiveness of their advertisement on the particular website.

A lot of companies pay attention to Alexa ranking to find out traffic and popularity of websites, as Alexa rank is determined by data collected from visitors.
If you want to improve the Alexa rank of your website, the below tips will help you:
  • In the first hand, place Alexa widget on your website. The likelihood that your website visitors will get interested in Alexa and install the Alexa rank checker toolbar is high. Once they do, Alexa will count them and your website will do better in ranking.
  • Place Alexa redirects in your website URL-s. This means that even the visitors without Alexa toolbar will be counted.
  • Write a webmaster related content, for instance topics on SEO, SEO tips, SEO tools, Alexa, etc. Webmasters usually keep track of such blogs as they’d love to learn the news on SEO and will surely try a new tool.
  • You can also write posts about Alexa in your blog and post links in social networking and bookmarking websites.  
  • If you manage to get dugg or stumbled, that will be awesome. The more popular you become, the more traffic you’ll receive and the last one will contribute to Alexa rank improvement.
  • Post your links on webmaster forums. That works pretty well. Webmasters will follow the link to learn the news about Alexa.
  • You can also create an Alexa category on your blog and update it on a regular basis. 
  • Get listed in as many search engines as possible. 
    Now, once you’ve gone through all the essential tips, you can start boosting your Alexa rank.


    1. Mika August 10, 2011 at 1:28 pm - Reply

      These tips are really helpful!Thank You, Diana

    2. TopherBricks October 12, 2011 at 2:26 am - Reply

      Alexa is a very helpful SEO Services siteand known to those in the industry, but not so much to the general public. This was very helpful and there aren't a lot of blogs about Alexa, so thank you.

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