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Top 5 SEO Dos: Build SEO-friendly Website

With the growing number of websites on the Internet, search engine optimization becomes highly-important.

Every website needs content updates, backlinks, search engine marketing (SEM), social media optimization (SMO) and so on. If you have a website, it means you should always work on it and improve its visibility and rankings on the Internet. Websites which are not optimized are low-ranked by search engines.

Here come top 5 SEO dos every website owner and admin should be aware of:

Website structure. Firstly, your website should be user-friendly, i.e. website design, structure and navigation. Secondly, it should be SEO friendly as well. Write proper meta tags and use XML sitemap. Note that XML sitemap is considered search engine friendly. Also make sure your website has no HTML errors, broken link and crawling issues.

Content. Write unique and interesting content, targeting the desired audience. Choose attractive images for your content/blogs and make your content seo-friendly, i.e. titles, tags, etc,

Backlinks. The more quality websites link to you, the better it is. Try to get high-ranked and relevant link partners on board. This will significantly improve your rankings. Send link requests or make these websites want to link to you. The last one mainly depends on the quality of the services you provide and on your website popularity.

Keywords. Keyword research makes an integral part of website optimization. Choose the most appropriate keywords, the ones for which you want your website to rank first. If you choose irrelevant keywords and still appear on the first pages of SERP, this is not something you should be happy with. High ranking for irrelevant keywords will drop down the page rank of the website.

Social media. Nowadays, SMO optimization makes an important part of SEO.

Create the proper company/business profile
Target the needed audience
Lead effective social networking and bookmarking campaigns
Put the widgets on your website/blogs, making tagging and bookmarking easy

I would also recommend putting Alexa website info box on your site. This will definitely improve Alexa ranking.  Note that Alexa rank is based on your website traffic and its popularity on the Internet. Unlike Google rank, the lower the Alexa rank is, the more popular the website is considered.

The above-mentioned tips will significantly improve your website ranking in Google-the world’s largest search engine, Yahoo, Alexa and not only. However, it’s not enough; my next post will discuss the further tips on SEO dos.



  1. Zara January 9, 2012 at 4:27 pm - Reply

    As always informative and helpful post."If you choose irrelevant keywords and still appear on the first pages of SERP, this is not something you should be happy with."Last month you have mentioned as an example one large company -I can't remember its name – could you please refresh my mind:-)))))))

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