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  • Yandex Buys Israeli Geo-Location Platform KitLocate

Yandex Buys Israeli Geo-Location Platform KitLocate

This morning Yandex announced that it has acquired Israeli startup KitLocate. KitLocate is a  mobile location cloud app platform that has both iOS and Android SDKs. KitLocate delivers geo-location and location-based relevance to apps without […]

Armenian Talk

The project is for the Armenians with a healthy disregard for the impossible

About the Project

The “Armenian Talk” is a project that features smart, successful and creative Armenians who think outside of the box, love what they do and inspire others to do the smallest things with a great love. At the Armenian talk, I’m looking forward to seeing technology-oriented people, movie directors, photographers, graphic designers, psychologists, writers and just interesting people who create stuff that matters.

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Armenia and Armenians

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