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Lucy the Australopithecus Honored in Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle marks the discovery of Lucy.

Named after the Beatles song ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, who is Lucy the Australopithecus honored in Google Doodle? The Lucy specimen

Twitter Hearts: A Common Language for Global Community

Twitter has changed its star icon for favorites to a heart.

Akarshan Kumar, a Twitter product manager, said in a blog post: “We are changing our star icon for favorites to

Meet Twitter Publish: Twitter’s New Tool For Embedding Tweets

What is necessary to keep your audience engaged on social media networks?
Definitely, to tell a compelling story that will get enough visibility. The last one is not easy to achieve on

1 Billion People Used Facebook in 24 Hours

Facebook hits milestone as 1 billion people use the social network in one day this Monday. The milestone was announced in a Facebook post Thursday afternoon by Facebook CEO,

Web Design Trends 2015: Responsive & Flat Design, Large Images

Web Design VS Web Development

Google News Adds 7 More Languages: Bringing the News Closer to More Users

Google News announced yesterday that it’s going to roll out seven new language editions over the next few days.

It already supports 28 languages across 45 different countries: Romanian, Bahasa Indonesia,

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