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SMX Israel 2014: Big Content Strategies

smx-israel-14SMX Israel 2014 took place in of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world – Jerusalem, on January 26th. This was the first time I attended SMX and to be honest the conference exceeded my expectations. Knowledge and experience sharing from experts like John Mueller from Google Switzerland, Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick and many successful online marketers was indeed valuable.

I personally was more interested in content and link building strategies. I know that content is king and you can hear it from many SEO experts on the web but I guess it is even more important now considering conversational search launch.

However, creating quality content is not that easy, taking into account the amount of sites we have on the web and the tons of content we see. I guess you need to think of something very creative before you start writing the content.

Aaron Friedman’s Big Content Strategies presentation was really helpful; I learned a few valuable tips and tools that can help create quality content.

  • Plan before you write: Before writing any content, think of creativity and plan a solid strategy. Instead of writing just content, write something unique that will interest your audience.
  • Keywords with high volume may not work for you. Do not target irrelevant keywords just because they have a high volume. Target those phrases and topics which are more relevant to your business and the likelihood that they’ll bring more targeted traffic is high.
  • Use images, videos, illustrations. Quality content is good but appealing quality content is much better.
  • Appreciate your time and the time of others. Do not write long boring stories. In our 21st   century fast paced world, people do not have time for reading long stories unless the long story is really valuable and interesting.
  • What to write about? Sometimes we do not really know what to write about. If you have no idea what to write about, you may use content idea generator tools. Some of them are:, Quora Scrapper, Übersuggest.
  • Is creating good content enough for turning it into successful one? Okay, you have a great content but do you think in today’s largest Internet base, content alone would stand out? Well, I guess we need to move to organic seeding.
  • Share content. Sharing content that your audience wants to see will improve its visibility but where you share is important. Determine social networks that are more relevant to your topic. Sharing does not mean getting the right people on board, while sharing reasonably will help you reach fans and engage them.

Obviously, the tactics that were used by lots of SEOs before, are not working same way today.
I’ll speak more about content marketing strategies in my next post.


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